In Focus

Surviving The Jaws Of A Sure Death

By Pooja Deshpande

In swiftly-moving traffic on the road opposite Campion School in Colaba, a kite attacked by another released a creature it was holding in its talons. And, as it fell on the road in the midst of traffic, inches away from being run over, a two-wheeler driver slammed the brakes, the bike almost skidding in the process, and stopped her vehicle, just in time.

A driver standing nearby, reading a newspaper near his parked taxi, too ran over to stop the oncoming vehicles as a motley crowd bent over to see what had fallen. It looked like a small animal, almost a new-born who had been literally saved from the jaws of a sure death by sheer providence. Its nose was bleeding just a bit but it didn't seem to have been hurt much.

NANO-FIGHTER: The new-born kitten survived the sky fall and the fleeting vehicles

The motorist picked up the creature that looked like a new-born. On closer scrutiny, it was learnt that it was a new-born kitten that hadn't even opened its eyes. But, despite the kite attack and the fall on the road, it was alive. Breathing, slowly yet surely, the creature had survived. 

The lady took the infant kitten and looked about the area for her mother, hoping to find her in the process. But failed. A nearby tea-stall owner who had adopted two dogs, even lost a puppy a week back, expressed concern but inability to adopt the kitten. Unable to leave the infant anywhere without supervision, the motorists took her back home.

STAYING ALIVE: A 'street smart' cat, among those dozens that dodge out of your way every day

The fighter kitten survived an attack from a predator, a fall and the traffic of Colaba that hurtles past, dodging potholes and pedestrians, without much thought. It was fated for him to live another day. What else explains the survival of a new-born kitten, so fragile in his existence, yet with such strong luck on his side. Such is the story of another 'street smart' cat, one among those dozens that dodge out of the way of your swift step to and back work every day. Stop...Watch!

#StreetSmart is a column on street animals who live and die among us and get immortalised forever. If you know of such an animal, contact us on with a story complete with images. The Draft Colaba will document their journey and publish it here.