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Colaba Fire Station celebrates Republic Day 2021

By A Draft Colaba Correspondent

Republic Day was celebrated with fervour in full swing across the streets, lanes and by-lanes of Colaba. At Colaba Fire Station, the officers and the staff gathered at 7 am as is the wont with Republic Day celebrations at Fire Stations across Mumbai over the years. The lockdown changed many things over time but the Republic Day celebrations happened like always, albeit with some modifications, to uphold the spirit of patriotism and national unity.

In attendance at the Colaba Fire Station celebrations were four officers, three leading firemen, three driver operators and 17 firemen - 27 in all. The staff, working on the previous day's night shift, however, were unable to be present for the Republic Day event.

TOGETHER: Colaba Fire Station officers and staff at the Republic Day event on 26 January 2021

The officers present at the station Republic Day event included Assistant Divisional Fire Officer K D Ghadigaonkar,  Assistant Divisional Fire Officer P A Sawant, Senior Station Officer (I/C) at Colaba Fire Station Shankar Pol and Assistant Station Officer at Colaba Fire Station Prashant Gajbhare. Senior Station Officer at Colaba Fire Station S B Bhosale, being on medical leave, could not attend the event.

Assistant Divisional Fire Officer K D Ghadigaonkar noted, "I'm happy to be able to celebrate Republic Day with my staff after the lockdown." Senior Station Officer (I/C) Shankar Pol spoke about the event and said, "The flag raising ceremony on Republic Day has been a ritual with the Mumbai's Fire Brigade. It's a very good feeling to witness the ceremony on Republic Day. We raise the national flag first and then the Mumbai Fire Brigade flag on that day."

HIGH: A fireman raising the National Flag during the event at Colaba Fire Station

After the flag raising ceremony, where a fireman climbs to the top of the roof of the Fire Station and raises the flag, breakfast was served to the attendees. 

The Colaba Fire Station staff served the area and the people throughout the lockdown, especially for the sanitation drives undertaken. No cases of COVID-19 infection or casualties were reported from among the station staff with a total strength of 48 officers and staff.

SELF PRIDE: A fireman raising the Mumbai Fire Brigade flag at Colaba Fire Station

Before the lockdown, on Republic Day, children from the building housing the fire station would join in the celebrations. This year, even though there were less attendees owing to COVID restrictions, the spirits remained high!