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Sumitra Market inaugurated at Navy Nagar

By A Draft Colaba Correspondent

On 8 September 2021, Navy Wives Welfare Association (NWWA - Western Region) President Kala Hari Kumar inaugurated the renovated Sumitra Market at Navy Nagar, Colaba. The market, originally constructed in 1972 at Navy Nagar, has been popular among the residents of the area including the veterans.

RENEWED: NWWA (Western Region) President Kala Hari Kumar inaugurated the renovated Sumitra Market
Restoration work and structural repairs were being undertaken at the market to give it a face-lift and to modernise the complex in order to provide shoppers the 'shopping at a modern mall' experience. The market now has a glass facade, a spacious and well-lit corridor, a 40 per cent increase in the carpet area of shops through design modifications and a change in the orientation of the shops so they open outwards into the new stilted corridor.

MODERNISED: The renovated market will provide shoppers a modern mall experience
One side of the market now opens in to a new fountain merging with the recently-renovated ‘Eats and Treats’ making the zone ideal for family outings, shopping and dining.

Shops in the newly-renovated market are allocated to ex-servicemen, war widows, widows of defence personnel, etc., as per the latest Government of India policy. They cater to a wide variety of services ranging from provisions, apparel, uniforms, jewellery, beauty parlours, repair shops, etc. 

SUPPORTIVE: Shops at the market have been allocated to ex-servicemen, war widows, etc.
The renovated Sumitra Market is expected to provide an enjoyable shopping experience to the defence community at Navy Nagar.

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