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Partner With Us

The Draft Colaba is a self-financed media entity created to meet local needs of Colaba and its residents. It is the 'ultra' local edition of international news portal The Draft.

We are looking for Media Partnerships, Advertising, Alliances and Associations. We would like to hear from you for potential collaborations, partnerships and to discuss the potential of publicity for your brand, business, service, etc. across our myriad platforms - Media News Portal | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram.

The Draft Colaba is also looking for strategic partnerships through MoUs wherein potential partners could help provide:

1) Residential space
2) Working space
3) Material help such as food and beverages
4) Transportation
5) Space to conduct events listed below
to help our teams of touring Reporters, Researchers, Film-makers and Activists generate editorial content and host:
a) Exhibitions
b) Talks
c) Lectures
d) Screenings, and
e) Interactive Sessions

You may reach us on to express interest in partnering with us.