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Ganesh Murti Nagar residents unite again for 'Unsung' screening

By A Draft Colaba Correspondent

Trustee of Ganesh Murti Nagar's Sunni Rehmatiya Talimul Quraan Masjid and car workshop owner Kalimuddin Shaikh hosted back-to-back screenings of The Draft's documentary 'Unsung Mumbai Police - Colaba Division' that was released earlier in public domain. At the screening, he recalled the lockdown period and emphasising the importance of documenting the efforts put in by the local police and the residents, lauded The Draft's 'Unsung' initiative.

Watch the documentary here.

REMINISCING: At the screening, Kalimuddin Shaikh spoke about the lockdown struggles and lauded The Draft's initiative
The docu-film that featured him too as part of the dozens who spoke of the role of police personnel from the Colaba Division - including Cuffe Parade Police, Colaba Police and Marine Drive Police - in controlling COVID-19 during the two lockdowns. 

FLASHBACK: Locals gathered for the screening of 'Unsung Mumbai Police - Colaba Division' at Ganesh Murti Nagar
Kalimuddin Shaikh held the screenings at Door Step School - Balwadi in Ganesh Murti Nagar Part 2. In one of the screenings attended by Mohammed Naimul, Santosh Prajapati, Samstabrej Siddique, Rajan Moses, Angad Kamble, Nitin Shetty, Subhash Valmiki and Virender Yadav, the mood was serious as the attendees relived the trying times. 

LESSONS LEARNT: Masjid Trustee Kalimuddin Shaikh hosted the screening at a Balwadi premises

GUIDE: Mohammed Naimul who teaches at the madrasa nearby recalled how he helped with announcements
of the swiftly-changing COVID-19 guidelines in the area

AID: Santosh Prajapati volunteered during the lockdown and maintained things would have been
very difficult without the help of the local police

HELPFUL: Samstabrej Siddique and other volunteers compiled a list of migrants from the zone wanting to return to their villages for the local police

LOCKED IN: Another resident of Ganesh Murti Nagar Part 2 Rajan Moses recalled how the police barricaded the zone to keep everyone safe

EMOTIONAL: Ganesh Murti Nagar resident Angad Kamble said everyone was supportive during the lockdown and helped each other

HANDS-ON: Resident Nitin Shetty said during medical emergencies many locals like him assisted the police in taking patients to hospitals

PITCHED IN: Local Subhash Valmiki said many locals came together to cook food and distribute to those in need

CONTENT: Virendra Yadav cooked food for locals at the same venue as the 'Unsung' screening

GRATEFUL: Ganesh Murti Nagar resident Nadeem Sayyed recalled the time when, during the lockdown, the highly-barricaded area was opened up slightly to allow a vehicle to transport his pregnant wife to a hospital. His son Affan was born soon after

TOGETHER: Trustee of Shiv Temple, located next to the mosque in Ganesh Murti Nagar Part 2, Budhai Gupta  lauded the spirit of the locals in the trying times

UNITED THEY STAND: Ganesh Murti Nagar's residents had, in a show of solidarity, overcoming all distinctions of religion, caste, community and others, pooled in their resources to help the local police bide over the scourge

Masjid trustee Kalimuddin Shaikh organised a local screening of the docu-film 'Unsung Mumbai Police - Colaba Division' produced by DraftCraft Films in conjunction with The Draft at the Balwadi. The docu-film is being screened in back-to-back events complete with discussions for select invitees at DraftCraft - the Mumbai Studio in Colaba as well.

Watch the documentary here.

Unsung Mumbai Police - Colaba Division produced by DraftCraft Films in collaboration with The Draft was released in public domain for free viewing on 22 May 2022. This documentary was created as part of #TheUnsungProject kickstarted by Unsung - The Film that was released in November 2020. It captures the selfless dedication of those whose contributions would otherwise go ... unsung.

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