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Ambedkar Nagar residents relive ordeal during 'Unsung' screening

By A Draft Colaba Correspondent

On a bright June afternoon, the heat of the scorching sun and a tight work schedule didn't deter Suresh Malakar of Ambedkar Nagar from holding a screening of The Draft's docu-film 'Unsung Mumbai Police - Colaba Division' at his modest house. 

Watch the documentary here.

FLASHBACK: Locals gathered for the screening of 'Unsung Mumbai Police - Colaba Division' that was hosted by
Suresh Malakar at his home in Ambedkar Nagar area of Cuffe Parade
A power outage had led to a cut in the water supply in the area and even as scores hustled to yank plastic pipes into their homes to fetch their daily water, they took the time out to peep into his home for a glimpse of the documentary.

SPIRITED: Despite the hustle to fill water, neighbours kept pouring in to get a glimpse of the documentary
Among the scores who gathered at Suresh's home were Zainabi Mohammed, Anju Valmiki, Nirmal Singh, Kailash Valmiki and Ghanshyam Ubale ... all neighbours from the vicinity for whose benefit Suresh had hosted a screening of the documentary at his home. 

IN DEED: Suresh Malakar (right) with neighbour and friend Nirmal Singh, a native of Rajasthan, who lauded
Suresh's efforts to help send back migrants to their native villages safely during the lockdown
Suresh Malakar's was a local screening held of the docu-film produced by DraftCraft Films in conjunction with The Draft and being screened in back-to-back events complete with discussions for select invitees at DraftCraft - the Mumbai Studio in Colaba as well.

GRATEFUL: Ambedkar Nagar resident Anju Valmiki recalled how the local police helped her

EMOTIONAL: At the screening, Ambedkar Nagar resident Ghanshyam Ubale also recalled the trying period

INDEBTED: Kailash Valmiki spoke about how the local police helped the hungry by distributing ration

Watch the documentary here.

Unsung Mumbai Police - Colaba Division produced by DraftCraft Films in collaboration with The Draft was released in public domain for free viewing on 22 May 2022. This documentary was created as part of #TheUnsungProject kickstarted by Unsung - The Film that was released in November 2020. It captures the selfless dedication of those whose contributions would otherwise go ... unsung.

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