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Dena Bank Building Garbage Heap Cleared: The Draft Impact

By A Draft Colaba Correspondent

Ongoing internal repairs of the Dena Bank Building at Third Pasta Lane in Colaba over the last fortnight had led to a pile of garbage on the road. The rubble, spilling over with garbage being cleared from within the building, only grew in size as it swiftly turned into a public dumping ground impairing pedestrian and vehicular movement.

BEFORE: The garbage heap outside Dena Bank Building had become a public dumping spot
threatening public health even hindering movement
With residents of the lane and passers-by complaining of the emanating stench, the menace of rats and rise in Dengue cases, a Draft Colaba correspondent contacted the office of sitting Corporator of Ward No 227 Makarand Narwekar and brought it to their notice on the evening of 29 September 2021. The office swung into action and ensured the garbage heap was removed by 11 am the very next day on 30 September 2021. This time around, it was owing to the timely intervention of the authorities, pending for over a fortnight, got resolved at breakneck speed. 

AFTER: Within 24 hours of bringing the issue to the notice of the local Corporator,
the garbage heap was removed and the issue resolved
If citizens' representatives respond with such speed and alacrity, issues of garbage collection, traffic and congestion will be a thing of the past. The Draft Colaba will be taking up issues of traffic congestion, health hazards and littering in its News Portal and residents are requested to write in their civic queries and attach photographs wherever necessary to

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