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Sewage-Laced Water Supply Poses Health Risk At Geeta Nagar

At South Mumbai's Geeta Nagar slum in Colaba, the BMC's water supply has got contaminated with sewage, an issue that nobody is taking responsibility for. Residents have been forced to crowd to avail water supply from other sources, including buying costly bottled water even for daily use.

This, despite the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions. Most others who simply cannot afford to buy bottled water at Rs 100/- per container are left with no option but to use the BMC water contaminated with sewage. 

Sewage-Laced Water Supply Poses Health Risk At Geeta Nagar - A Draft News Report

Residents claim the water supplied smells of sewage, that could have leaked in from a broken underground pipeline, even report of 'human faeces floating,' in the water supplied daily.

The Right To Clean Water is a fundamental right guaranteed by the Indian Constitution under Article 21 of Right To Life. It is the duty of the State to provide this basic human right to its citizens failing which its players must be made accountable. In the absence of political will and continuous posturing by local authorities, the courts must intervene...Suo Motu.

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