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Colaba Vendors Who'll Provide Doorstep Service, For Now!

By Ruchi Verma

This time around, with the second 'lockdown' of sorts and the state government emerging with new guidelines everyday compounded with the local police altering rules of 'opening shop' and 'delivering from one's home' at the drop of a hat, citizens are left twiddling their thumbs over even what comprises essential goods and services in Colaba.

The Draft Colaba has compiled a list of shops and vendors who provide doorstep delivery of fruits, vegetables, stationery goods even appliance repairing services to residents in Colaba during this period.

Lala Nigam Road (Colaba Market) vegetable vendor Nisha Yadav has been told by the authorities, and categorically, to sell vegetables from her 'home' after the due deadline of 11 am. And, Nisha Yadav, even complies with the extreme situation. "Mein agar sabzi nahin pohunchaungi, is waqt, toh mere bohut saare grahak ko takleef ho jayegi," says the young entrepreneur. "I cannot do this to them. Now they are facing a lot of difficulties and I will have to manage...somehow," says the vendor who delivers vegetable orders to customers through her husband and two helps. "They call me up in the morning and I ensure that, in case they do not manage to pick up the vegetables between 7 am to 11 am, I get it delivered to their homes at noon," she says. 

HAPPY TO HELP: Lala Nigam Road Vegetable vendor Nisha Yadav

Now, few things can be as essential as vegetables to households already harassed with the curbs on movement, day-to-day purchases and essential services. Nisha's efforts come across as a boon in disguise for home-makers who don't even have to tread out in these tricky times. And, Nisha ensures the home deliveries are conducted by her helps 'masked' at all times.|
To contact Nisha Yadav: 98671 69528

As for those working or studying at home it's imperative to have stationery, paper, printer material, writing implements etc. Now, with stationary shops too shut as they don't quite qualify as an 'Essential Service' but, in reality, are invaluable. So, to the rescue of Colabakars is Makani Mansion's Metro Stationery shop-owner Mahendra Lohar who ensures he is available on phone at the drop of a hat and delivers you-name-it-in-stationary-goods straight to your doorstep through his Man Friday.

STATIONERY ON THE GO: Metro Stationary shop-owner Mahendra Lohar

"Ab toh school, college aur kaam, sab kuch toh ghar pe hi ho raha hai. Paper, book, pen-pencil ya phir copy, binding aur sab kaam ke liye bahar jaana allowed bhi toh nahin hai," says Mahendra. After an initial period peppered with hiccups, Mahendra has now a process put in place where, after receiving a call and/or a WhatsApp message, he sends across the wares to the customers' address, even processes copies and binds them into a final product he sends across with his worker straight to the customer's home. "Usko toh aana bhi nahin padta hai," says Mahendra, pleased with the new business model he has created.
To contact Mahendra Lohar: 99672 02647

And, for home-makers who face trouble with their washing machines, microwave ovens, fans, coolers, toasters and such equipment, there're the brothers-in-law duo of the unassuming Metro Service Centre, namely Kishor Dewasi and Inder Solanki. "Gaye saal ke lockdown mein bhi humne bohut kaam kiya tha," recalls Kishor. "Lekin dukaan pe nahin...ghar, ghar jake," he says. For someone whose microwave or washing machine has broken down, performing mundane activities at home too may seem like an ordeal. During this trying period when nobody is allowed to venture outdoors without a ''valid reason' and, more so, be able to avail a service as essential as repairs of these goods, Kishor and Inder save the day.

TWO GOOD: Metro Service Centre's Inder Solanki and Kishor Dewasi (right)

"Humne ye ek hafte mein kariban bees ek refrigerators thik kiya," says Inder. After all, it's this time of the year that cooling devices tend to give way and breakdowns are commonplace. So, the next time you have an issue with an electrical kitchen appliance and just can't step out owing to the 'lockdown' and restrictions in movement, drop in a call to the Metro handymen and someone will land up at your doorstep within moments.
To contact Kishor Dewasi or Inder Solanki: 98928 34693

And, to boost your immunity and provide you the perfect and healthy snack to boot, it's fruits this time around. But, with the markets beyond reach and stalls closed for most of the day, it's fruit-seller Armaan Miyan who'll deliver the freshest finds till your doorstep. All you need to do is WhatsApp him your details or call him and he'll get whatever you need, by way of fruits, right till your doorstep.
To contact Armaan Miyan: 98675 31665

HEALTHY SERVICE: Fruit-seller Armaan Miyan 

(Note: This article has been generated in public interest, as part of The Draft's #NewsOfUse features, and is not an advertisement or advertorial. Readers are advised to use their discretion in availing any goods or services from the ones featured. The Draft takes no legal responsibility for the credibility of the vendors' antecedents or their claims)