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Colaba Police Shut Down Private Tuition Classes: The Draft Impact

By Anushka Singh

In response to The Draft Colaba's Social Media Story Campaign on 30 March 2021 on the audacious running of tuition classes by some profit-driven individuals in Colaba Wadi areas and slums despite the rise in COVID infections in the zone, Colaba Police Station's Senior PI Kusum Waghmare, on 5 April 2021 following the state government's announcement of the new SOPs to prevent the COVID spread, held an urgent briefing of her police personnel. 

HOPEFUL: Satish Kaushik with daughter quarantined after testing positive for COVID-19 (Satish Kaushik/Instagram)

She directed them to comb the zones, shut down those operational and warn anyone holding tuition classes for children for breaking the law in effect at the moment preventing non-essential services from operating.

Kusum Waghmare
"While schools and colleges are shut across Maharashtra, I fail to understand why parents risk the lives of their children in sending them to tuition classes now, particularly so at a time when COVID cases are on a meteoric rise," says the proactive Senior PI. 

This time around, as reports maintain, the second COVID wave has affected children as well. Actor-filmmaker Satish Kaushik tested positive for COVID with his eight-year-old daughter recovered to return home while his daughter had to stay back in hospital.

He even urged the authorities to "add more hospitals and beds for children in Mumbai".

There are social distancing norms in place, wearing of masks mandatory by law and a night curfew in the city from 8 pm onwards every day apart from the weekend curfew clamped to stop the spread.

Residents of Colaba have now been advised to stay indoors and move out only when permitted and necessary.

"We have been working around the clock, risking our own lives, to ensure that citizens stay safe through this second wave of COVID. Running private tuition classes at this time is not permitted and the police will take punitive action against anyone breaking the law," says Ms Waghmare.

Anyone with information on the running of private tuition classes in one's home, society or slum must inform the local police station which will act in accordance with the law.