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Fearless MTNL Workers Remained Unsung

By A Draft Colaba Correspondent

During the national lockdown from 25 March 2020, it were a sea of Corona warriors who worked fearlessly on the streets of Mumbai, in crowded zones, in containment areas providing a host of services without which the city would have crumbled. Among those whose contributions went Unsung were Mumbai's Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited's (MTNL) personnel including linemen, technicians, telephone mechanics who hit the streets in performance of their duties despite the fears.

UNSUNG: MTNL's Jeetbahadur Yadav is an Unsung Hero much like his counterparts

Jeetbahadur Yadav, who works at City Telephone Exchange in Mumbai, worked without a day's break throughout the lockdown. He lives at Sion's Antop Hill with his four daughters, son, wife and 72-year-old mother who encouraged him to go to work despite the obvious reluctance.

"I was petrified that I could contract COVID-19 and pass it on to my wife or mother who would suffer for no fault of theirs," says Mr Yadav recollecting the days of yore when he would remove his work clothes on a chair in the living room itself and step straight into a bath before meeting any family member.

Yadav worked for years at Colaba Telephone Exchange before moving onto City Telephone Exchange at Fountain in Mumbai. His exemplifies the work undertaken by thousands of MTNL employees, silently without accolades. They've all been Corona warriors whose work remained Unsung yet priceless.

This story is part of #TheUnsungProject series. 'Unsung - The Film' captures the selfless dedication of those Indians whose contributions during COVID-19 times, would otherwise go ... unsung. The film was created by DraftCraft Films in conjunction with The Draft. Team Unsung spread across 20 States, 5 Union Territories and over 100 Cities and Villages in India, to document stories of hope, hard work and dedication of thousands, in the time of COVID-19. Watch the film here.