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Colaba Traffic Cops Continue Crackdown: The Draft Impact

By Anushka Singh

In a follow-up crackdown to The Draft Colaba story on 27 December 2020 - Affluent Park Illegally, Poor Fined 'On The Sly' - the Colaba Traffic Division continuing their drive against illegal parking and traffic violations in Colaba, apropos Colaba Traffic Police Swings Into Action: The Draft Impact, placed wheel locks on wrongly parked vehicles even amidst uproar by offenders.

A few local shop-keepers, however, maintained some sections of the road were actually Parking spaces and that it was owing to the recent pavement repairs and road works that the boards had been removed. That said, The Draft Colaba observed that there were no No Parking signage boards across the stretch on the main SBS road.

Kudos to PI Mubarak Shaikh and her traffic police sleuths for upholding the law even in the face of overwhelming criticism by wrongdoers that include shop-keepers and their customers. A Draft Colaba PhotoStory.

CAUGHT: The Colaba Traffic Division swung into action placing clamps on illegally parked vehicles

DODGING: A shop-keeper rushes to get his vehicle out of the way to avoid paying up a fine

CLAMP DOWN: Colaba Traffic Police personnel put wheel locks on illegally parked vehicles

ENFORCEMENT: Stray two-wheelers 'locked' by the traffic police

FINE IN PERSON: A Traffic Police personnel fines a motorist at SBS Road

LOCKED: Stray four-wheelers 'locked' by the Traffic Police

WHEELING JUSTICE: A Towing Van carrying wheel locks in Colaba

STANDING GUARD: A Police Van stands outside a temple in Colaba to ensure there are no parking violations