In Focus

Corona Warriors are the BEST!

Dear Editor,

The COVID-19 is a scary situation, particularly so for senior citizens. A fortnight back, my worst fears came true when there was a sudden power outage and I was left palpitating as I thought it would take very long for the BEST to act and restore electricity.

However, quashing all my fears, the BEST power restoration staff arrived within hours of my telephonic complaint and set it right.

Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport Undertaking (Electric House), Colaba
This situation recurred once again, this time affecting five to six buildings in a row, and the BEST authorities did a repeat of their act. They rushed down to the zone of my building Lalchand Mansion and restored the supply within a few hours leaving me beaming with pride.

At a time, when the streets lay barren, watching the BEST workers arrive, complete with gear and masks, was like watching none lesser than the Corona Warriors fighting for us, while risking their own lives, in these trying times.

At  a time, when the doctors and nurses are saluted as frontline Corona Warriors, I strongly feel that the civic authorities like the BEST and BMC workers are no less brave than any other when it comes to performing their duty without flinching in the face of COVID-19.

Hats off to these unsung warriors.


Dorothy Yazdegardi
Resident of Lalchand Mansion,
Pasta Lane, Colaba